Why choose Candock?

The simplest floating dock system on the market

From the first steps of the process to last, our floating dock systems are the simplest and easiest to work with! Requiring no heavy machinery, no heavy lifting and no hazardous maneuvers, the installation (seasonal or permanent) is as easy as it gets! Easy to assemble & anchor; relying on accessories and techniques that are adapted to our systems, you’ll be enjoying your dock year after year!

No maintenance; period!

As our HDPE resin remains intact through its extended life cycle, there is absolutely no maintenance to be done on the system!

Candock is an investment

The depreciation of your Candock dock is slim to none! As opposed to traditional floating dock constructions that will quickly deteriorate and depreciate through the years, your Candock system will keep its financial value and its efficiency for the 20+ years to come!

Safety is at the forefront

The safety aspect of nautical products is critical. Therefore, the Candock system has undergone rigorous testing through the past 20 years! Its safety features include excellent dock stability, high load capacity & a comfortable and aesthetical anti-skid surface.

Anchoring is paramount

The anchoring of any floating system or dock is key. At Candock, we take pride in not only the quality of our products, but also in the excellence of the installations and projects delivered to our customers. The durability and flexibility of our systems enable them to be installed in bodies of water that other companies cannot even imagine!

Forever customizable

Relying on a proven and tested coupling mechanism (the nut & bolt system); your Candock system can easily be reconfigured through time; following your shifting needs and forever changing water front property!

25 years of experience on all 5 continents

Through the cumulative countless years of field expertise, Candock has developed unique systems that are culminating in an unbeatable floating dock system! The power of our network provides our customers with an everlasting peace of mind!

Lasting Value

Our 20-year warranty says it all!

Proudly manufactured in Canada!

A 25-years-old; family owned and operated company, based in Quebec, Canada, that takes pride in developing, manufacturing and commercializing docks and modular floating dock systems that are adapted to the needs of our international clientele; That’s our moto!

Our products’ exceptional lifespan makes them an ideal choice; Indeed, a Candock dock will outlast multiple traditional docks; thus, utilizing less resources and energy than any other dock out there! What’s more; all of our dock components are 100% recyclable!